Kathleen Radow and Kim Ortoll
Kathleen "Kathee Radow" and Kim Ortoll are business partners with Charles Rutenberg Realty. On a personal note, they are also sisters. Kathee is an owner and resident in Royal Stewart Arms. She has also served as a Board Member in RSA. Kim is a long term resident of Palm Harbor. Their mother, Lorraine McDonnell, also lived in RSA for many years. This gave Kathee and Kim ample opportunity to be involved in the very heart and soul of the special, unique RSA lifestyle.

On a professional note, Kim and Kathee are both Graduates of the Realtor Institute of the National Association of Realtors. This GRI designation indicates and in depth pursuit and completion of one of the most comprehensive levels in Real Estate Education. Kim has been practicing Real Estate for twenty-four years. Kathee was a Realtor in Atlanta, Georgia for seven years before she relocated to Dunedin to join her sister, Kim, at Charles Rutenberg Realty. Together they demonstrate a partnership with keen insight and experience in the Real Estate Industry and market. They have been the driving force in numerous sales and purchases in RSA as well as the entire Tampa Bay area.

They are a team known for their honesty, integrity and hard work. They realize that no two customers are alike. With this in mind, they will do their best to consider your goals and needs as the highest priority when devising a business plan for you. Being on-site, they will have the ability to address your particulars in a timely and efficient manner. If you are interested in discussing the current market or the possibility of selling or buying your next home, reach out to them. They are happy to remind you........
"We are just a phone call away...in fact, we are already here!"

Kathee Radow 727-729-2293 KathRadow@gmail.com
Kim Ortoll 727-403-0210 KMOrtoll@aol.com

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